Jessica's Bridal Shower

Bryan’s sister, Jessica, is getting married August 26, 2011, to Peter Ehlen. We are very happy for them and hope they enjoy this exciting time in their life. My sister, Jamie, let me have a bridal shower for Jessica at her home. I think it turned out pretty fun. For her colors she is using bright summer colors, so I tried to use them in the decorations. Her Aunt had a beautiful and yummy cake made and we also played a few games. My mom gave me some ideas from a shower she went to, as well as my best friend, Kim’s, mom. She had a great list of questions to quiz Jessica on. First we put these little pink clothes pins on the guests as they arrived. They weren’t supposed to use the word marriage or wedding. If anyone was caught using those words, they could get their pin taken away. The person with the most pins at the end won a price. Jessica‘s Aunt Stacey won that one! We also did a game where you write Jessica’s name vertically with space in between, and then Peter’s name on the other side. I had to use his middle and last initial to match up with Jessica. Then the object of the game was to see how many words you could think of that started with “J” for example, and ended with “P”. Kim had a friend there that was I think in med school, and she had all kinds of crazy words and won that one! The last game was to see how “well” Jessica knew Peter. I had asked Peter ahead of time a list of questions. Jessica drew a name of one of the guests there and then a candy bar. If she got it right she got to keep it, but if she got it wrong the person whose name she drew got to keep the candy bar. Here are some pictures from the shower....

 Congratulations Jessica!  We are so happy for you!


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