Niven Family Reunion 2011

This year’s reunion was in Layton, Utah, at a Stake Center. It was a carnival theme and each family was in charge of a booth. Some of the booths were: dart throwing at balloons, balancing a spoon around chairs, a photo booth, a drawing sketch booth, a Nerf gun booth trying to knock over plastic cups, bowling, musical chairs, a rubber band gun range, face painting, and for our booth we had a Lego building contest out of Mater and McQueen. I think that was all of them... The kids had a lot of fun. They also had some relay races for the kids, which I will have to post some of those videos because it was hilarious watching Austin and Carolyn, and then Austin and Liberty do some of the relay races; everyone sped passed them and they were moseying along at turtle speed, it’s so cute.
Austin getting his picture drawn by the amazing artist Elise Black (Bryan’s Aunt) who draws for the Friend magazine. She did 60-second sketches.
Grandma Niven’s spoon race booth.
The boys got their faces painted by Bryan’s cousin, Shawna.

Bowling Fun
Getting Ready to Race
Pie tasting contest, yum!!!!!
The carnival fun ended with the traditional family bartering, where each
family brings things to trade and barter for.

My camera didn’t do very well in the cultural hall, and my editing made it worse :) At the end of the reunion there was a surprise celebration for Grandpa and Grandma Niven’s 60th anniversary. Bryan’s Aunts had set up a display behind the stage curtains of Grandma Niven’s wedding dress, a remake of their cake, some pictures and a guest sign in book. They were very surprised and it was really sweet.

It was a successful reunion and my boys loved every minute of it! Thanks Liz for all your hard work!


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