Swimming with the Sting Rays

This summer Ethan took his first swim lessons and was very excited about it. He has a fear of a lot of things, and water has been one of them. Ever since he was little he would freak out if a drop rolled down his face when I rinsed his hair off in the tub. The ironic thing is he has always loved to “go swimming” at the fun pools, but he would just sit in the shallow end and splash around, never getting his head wet. I was so excited when I asked him if he wanted to do swim lessons and he actually said, “Yes!” I am so proud of him for facing his fear and being willing to try it. He had a great teacher and was able to go under really quickly. I am hoping to put him in swim lessons during the school year as well, so he doesn’t forget what he learned and so that he feels comfortable with it next summer. His class was called the “Sting Rays”.


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