Utah Lake

Saturday, June 30th after attending a baptism of a piano student of mine, we headed out to Utah Lake to spend some time with my family.  My parents came, my sister Jamie and her four kids, my brother's kids, Rohme and Rocco, and my twin sister's kids, Gavin and Bailey, who are here visiting from Orange County.  I didn't get too many pictures since I was in the water, but someone brought a huge blow up trampoline/slide and they let all the kids go down it.  Rohme and Austin went over and over again.  Bryan and my dad both brought their kayaks, and everyone took turns kayaking around the lake.  There's a little sand area and then the water stays shallow for quite a ways out, which made it fun for the kids to be able to go out far.  
My mom and nephew Rocco 
Austin and Rohme
My sister Jamie and her daughter Millie
My twin sister's daughter Bailey
The boys are out kayaking and Bryan is in the distance on his standup paddle board.  All the kids were jumping on and getting a ride while he steered.
My dad trying out Bryan's pedal kayak and my mom and Rocco in the background.
Weston got a mud bath from his brother and cousin.


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