We're All Together Again

I've been spending all my blogging time transferring my posts from iweb to blogger so I haven't posted anything recent.  A lot happened in July and now it's August, so I better stop transferring and play catch-up for a bit.  During the first week of July all of Bryan's family were here in Utah.  His oldest brother, Brent, and their family live in Washington.  He's in the Navy and goes out on nuclear subs.  Bryan's younger brother, Jason, and his family have been living in Lemoore, California, but Jason, who is also in the Navy, is about to be deployed to Afghanistan for way too long - I think 9 months.  His wife, Annika, and their two kids are going to stay with her parents in Nebraska while he is away.  So before everyone had to go their separate ways we were all together for a few days.  On Sunday the 1st, we had a birthday dinner for Jessica and then walked up to the Provo temple as a family.  On Monday, those who could went to Seven Peaks for some fun in the sun.  Tuesday evening we had a picnic up in the canyon, and Wednesday was the 4th of July with the whole shebang of activities: the Balloon fest, parade, and fireworks later. Then on Thursday we celebrated Jason's birthday before they had to head out.  Here are some pictures.  I can't get enough of cute little Ryan, so a lot of pictures are of him :)
Everyone minus Katie (Brent & Jill's) who was spending time with her other cousins.....and baby girl in my tummy! 
Peter and Brent carrying the twins.
Too bad this one is blurry!  They both were smiling great!
Brent on his bagpipes!
Brent, Jill, Maggie, & Amanda
Poor Ryan got decorated by my boys with toys while he took a nap in the car.  Annika, her kids, me, and my kids were waiting at the lake for Jason, Bryan, Peter, and Jessica to come down on their tubes/kayaks.  It got too hot outside so we waited in the car after a while.
I snapped all kinds of pictures of Ryan during the week with his cute smiling face, but the minute I tried to get a family picture he wasn't so thrilled!  (Jason, Ryan, Lana, and Annika)

It was great to see everyone, and hopefully we can get together next year!  I'm thinking a Pismo reunion!!!!!! :)


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