4th of July 2013

The boys got up early for the hot air balloons, but they couldn't go up in the air because of the wind. :(  

Then we went over to our ward breakfast that the Scouts put on.  This is after cleaning up; one of the girls was pushing the kids around for a ride ;)

Later on Bryan took the boys to find a spot for fireworks.  We ended up pretty much having the area to ourselves.  It was almost like we were in the forest with all the trees.  Some hippies came by and were eating berries off the tree, and then a deer came by.....all on BYU campus.  We brought KFC and had a feast before the fireworks.

While waiting for the fireworks........ Here is Austin and me racing up the never-ending stairs.  He is fast!  It wasn't an easy win!

So grateful for all those that serve our country and that we are blessed to live in such a wonderful city, state, and country!  Happy 4th! :)


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