Caracas, Venezuela Reunion 2013

I usually don't have a lot of reunions to go to, but this year we had three!  This one was just a get together for an evening to visit at a park and have treats for those who used to live in Caracas, Venezuela and were in the same ward/stake while there.  We lived there from December 1988 to July or August of 1989 while my dad's company had him working there.  It was such a neat experience, and I have so many memories while living there.  Sometimes I feel like I remember that year so vividly and better than the year or two after we moved back to California, but probably because it was so different that things stood out in my memory and impacted me more.  Now I want to dig through my pictures and find some to scan and put on my blog.  It was held in Bountiful and it wasn't planned too early in advance, so there wasn't a whole lot of people.  I mainly went to see me and my twin sister's good friend we made while living there, Kimberly Streeter, who we've stayed in contact over the years.  She lived there a lot longer than 6 or 7 years!  Her dad worked for the Church while there.

Here are some pictures I found on the internet for now.

This is the C.C.C.T Hotel we first stayed at before we found the pent house we ended up at.  (I'll have to find out the name and location of that from my parents).  It was really cool because it is a hotel on the top and a mall on bottom!

Here is the private school we went to called Escuela Campo Alegre.  It had all the way from kindergarten to senior in high school.  I was only 10, and felt completely overwhelmed at first trying to find my way around, and at that age it seemed like there were millions and millions of stairs!

Here's a picture of downtown Caracas.
And here is what really stood out to me: how drastic the difference in living was of the rich from the poor.  These ranchitos filled the hillsides.  Homes practically made out of cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. :(

Before leaving Caracas to come home we had the chance to fly to the island of Margarita when my Grandparents, Aunt Charisse, and cousin Jenny came to visit.  It was beautiful there!

Not too long after we moved there, it was pretty scary for a few weeks, because riots broke out.  Here's a little bit about that from the web:

 The Caracazo or sacudón is the name given to the wave of protests, riots, looting, shootings and massacres that began on 27 February 1989 in the Venezuelan capital Caracas and surrounding towns. The week-long clashes resulted in a deaths of hundreds of people mostly at the hands of security forces. The riots and protests began mainly in response to the government's economic reforms and the resulting increase in the price of gasoline and transportation.

I was too young to understand much going on, but we were pretty excited about the no school part!

Totally got sidetracked....
So here are a few pictures from the reunion.  

Aubrey is usually a Momma's girl, but she snuggled up fine with Kimberly.  


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