Niven Family Reunion July 2013

This year's family reunion on the Niven side was at Stacey's home in Layton.  She had a Hollywood theme and spent a lot of time in preparation to make it a fun time.  Bryan was working so hard to meet his deadline for Hale theater and couldn't come up until Friday night.  I took the kids up and when we got there they had been divided into groups to make movies.  Each group had props and quotes that they were supposed to incorporate into their movie.  "Unfortunately" I don't have any videos of me in the movie, but here's a video of the boys and what they had to do.....

So Friday was pretty much making the movies, watching each group's movie, and eating yummy food!

The kids got to trace their hands and write their names on the sidewalk like the celebrities have their handprints in cement in Hollywood, at the Chinese Theatre....

Saturday morning we got there for breakfast and then we played Hollywood Squares.  Bryan was the host and I think Bryan's cousin Andrew drew all the "celebrity" faces in the squares.  He did a great job!  

Stacey had a room in her house that was turned into a museum with antique clothes and things she had matched to a movie and actor/actress.

Playing with cousins.

I wish I would have gotten more pictures, especially when we were sitting out under the canopy and it started to lightly rain and we thought, "Oh, we'll just stay under here and watch the lightning and wait for it to pass....."  haha  Pretty soon it was pouring rain, the wind was blowing, and all the women who were out there were trying to grab a corner and keep the canopy from blowing away, and we were all just laughing hysterically.  It was pretty funny!  I felt bad I ran in and left them out there holding the canopies because I had Aubrey and she was getting scared.   

Even with the rain it was a success and fun had by all!

Thanks Aunt Stacey for a great reunion!  


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