Ethan's First Stitches

I always wondered how Bryan and I would react in an emergency......would we be calm and in control? Or would we not handle it quite so well? Now I know that we are both completely hopeless in an emergency! Ethan cut his finger REALLY bad Thursday, February 17, and we had to rush him to the ER. There was screaming and panic, and the kids were probably more afraid of their parents reaction than the actual accident! Thursday wasn’t going so computer got a virus and I was worried about what to do and how I would get my work done. Ethan asked me to put some batteries in a toy of his that wasn’t working and so I got out my Lady Tool Kit to get a screw driver. In my tool kit there is a small plastic container that holds X-Acto knives in it. Somehow it fell out of the tool box without me even noticing, or Austin somehow took it out without me noticing. I put the tool box away as soon as I replaced the batteries on Ethan’s toy. Then the boys went back into the living room to continue their puppet show while Bryan was trying to help me figure out what to do on my computer. All of a sudden we hear Ethan burst out crying/screaming in pain. Austin had carried the little container into the other room, and Ethan being curious asked, “Austin what do you have in your hands?” He then grabs the container out of Austin’s hands, and while doing so Ethan must have applied enough pressure to snap the lid off, and then one of the X-Acto knives popped out and cut him. It never actually came out of the container, so I’m confused exactly how it popped out, but Ethan said when he grabbed it from Austin it popped out and cut him. He must have been pushing on it with his finger hard, though, because he had a deep cut. Conveniently we live nice and close to the hospital and went right to the E.R. Bryan was applying pressure the whole way over, and when they first looked at it the skin looked like it was back together and maybe he wouldn’t need stitches, but when they examined it further they decided it would be best if he got them. He got five stitches and just got them out yesterday. Poor Ethan! He seems to always be the one getting sick or hurt. I was thinking about when I got stitches, and I realized I was exactly the same age as Ethan when I got mine on my forehead. Here he is waiting, and then with the big wrapping they put around it. He thought it was funny how big it made his finger.


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