Summer is here!!!...... And it's raining!

Ethan finished first grade with flying colors. Ever since transferring to his new school he has made major improvements in reading and in all areas. His teacher was perfect for him. She is very organized, kind, and structured and that really helped Ethan to excel. We celebrated after he got out of school by going to Jump Around Town. The boys had the place all to themselves....We bought a Groupon to it. It's a new place and they don't have a ton of jumping things, but just enough to have fun for an hour.

We got summer passes to Seven Peaks through a sweet deal from City Deals and hope to have a laid back summer at the pool as soon as the sun comes back out!

Happy Summer!


Kim said...

Did you get the Pass of All Passes? We should come with you sometime! Or we could meet up at the Lehi Trafalga. Want to?

Tami said...

Yes! We definitely need to go!!

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